“Women Unbound” AARC Community Exhibit Reception

From Indian soul searching to female identity in the face of veiling or unveiling to contemporary expressions on Vietnamese rice paper, “Women Unbound” showcases three very different women artists whose works not only push boundaries in and of themselves, but taken together, the exhibit spans different cultures, mediums, techniques and ideas of thought. Featuring local artists Sonali Kukreja (oil and acrylic paintings), Sara Madandar (mixed media collage), and Meeshle (ink drawings on Vietnamese rice paper). Light refreshments served. FREE. AARC Ballroom        

Let us believe in the beginning of the cold season

Sara Madandar

Sara Madandar is a US based artist from Iran. She received her MFA at the University of Texas at Austin and currently works in painting, sculpture, video and performance art. Sara’s texture-rich portraits of women force symbolic worlds to collide. She explores the symbolism of pattern, drawing parallels between ubiquitous American plaid and Iranian weaving, textile, and text. Through nuanced details of visual culture, Sara examines how power structures can be read in the choices, habits, and tastes of individuals. Women’s faces and bodies are her primary subject, and she works with clothing, hair, patterns, and veils to extend and explore the expected boundaries of self-presentation. By selectively hiding and revealing parts of the face and body, she examines how culture shapes the ways we dress, talk, hold ourselves, highlighting the subtleties of self-expression and self-policing between cultures. www.saramadandar.com

Soul Searching Indian Journey

Sonali Kukreja

“These paintings were inspired by different events during and after my visit to India from 2009 to 2011. Things that captured my attention, things I took for granted growing up, things I appreciate, respect, value and enjoy now more so than ever, leading to the awakening, discovery and rising of myself as an Artist. It involved a lot of soul searching, introspections, explorations via yoga, having deep conversations with family, friends, healers etc., which helped me a great deal physically and mentally. It was an enlightening experience to realize that painting is such a powerful and personal means of visual expression and I recognized that I can journal my experiences through it. My visit refreshed my senses and so I wanted to capture them as natural as they are. I felt empowered to share my experiences, thoughts, vision and creativity on the canvas.” www.serenecompositions.com

Darkness of Sun


MEESHLE’s work is inspired by the infinitesimal moment, the point in time that begins each line. Each line grows freely, being drawn not by thought, but by ephemeral emotion. The purpose of this work is to create life in the lifeless, to use our most human element as the source for expression. Inspired by the four years the artist spent living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam, this exhibition draws from the organic, ephemeral nature of daily life and the stoic presence of the nation and its people. The contemporary freehand ink paintings using traditional Vietnamese mediums including rice paper, Vietnamese woodbark paper, and wood panel. Meeshle has exhibited in Spain, the UK, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the U.S, and is currently based in Austin, after seven years in Southeast Asia. www.meeshleart.com