Texas History Tuesdays: Singin’ the Blues in Texas

Two Opportunities to Connect Online:
10am & 1pm

A museum educator, primary sources, and interesting content is a winning instructional combination. These programs are typically taught to elementary and middle school audiences, but we invite anyone who is looking for an enriching and fun experience to connect with us.

When you live in Texas, you might hear many different genres of music playing on the radio—including the blues! What is the blues, and how did this style come about? What instruments, like the guitar, are used in the blues? How have Texan artists put a unique spin on the blues?

This program will highlight the African origin of blues music and instruments. It will also feature musical theory, poetry-based lyric patterns, and other specific characteristics of the blues. Plus, you’ll get to try your hand at becoming a blues musician yourself!

Summer 2021 is all about guitars at the Bullock Museum, as we host a special exhibit GUITAR: The Instrument that Rocked the World. Join us for this program to learn about the history and continuing importance of the blues in Texas and American culture. This program is sure to leave you dancing!

Program is FREE to the public.
Zoom webinar registration required.
You’ll be able to ask questions during the Q and A at the end of the program.

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