TEXAS HISTORY TUESDAYS: Mavericks, Dogies, and Drovers – Cattle Drives

10AM &1PM

A museum educator, primary sources, and interesting content is a winning instructional combination. These programs are typically taught to elementary and middle school audiences, but we invite anyone who is looking for an enriching and fun experience to connect with us.

People associate the word “cowboy” with “Texas” beginning with one specific time period in Texas history – the heyday of cattle drives. Although this era only lasted from 1866-1890, the cattle drive era shaped the image of Texas. Who started the cattle drives, and where did the trails go? What jobs could people do on a cattle drive, and what was life on the trail like? What were the risks and benefits of driving cattle to market? Hear from a special guest speaker, an 1870s cattle driver who has traveled through time to reminisce about his cattle drive experience.

You’ll be able to ask questions during the Q and A at the end of the program.

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