TEXAS HISTORY TUESDAYS: Gone to Texas – Part of the Nation’s Immigration Story

Two Opportunities to Connect Online:
10am & 1pm

A museum educator, primary sources, and interesting content is a winning instructional combination. These programs are typically taught to elementary and middle school audiences, but we invite anyone who is looking for an enriching and fun experience to connect with us.

Why did people move to Texas from other countries? What challenges and opportunities did they face? A Museum Educator will discuss the four primary waves of immigration to the United States through Texas from 1845-1924, the history behind the movement of people to Texas, interesting stories from immigrants, and show artifacts that people brought with them on the journey. Many of the stories of immigration to Texas can also be compared to the characteristics of immigration to the United States.

Program is FREE to the public.
Zoom webinar registration required.
You’ll be able to ask questions during the Q and A at the end of the program.

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