Sunday Funday: Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Cards

One Sunday of the month, the Neill-Cochran House Museum opens its doors to feature hands-on activities and space to enjoy lunch in the shade. Though this version will be more sanitized and socially-distant than previous iterations, we hope you and your family take the opportunity to come out and do some crafts with us.
Long before one could pick up a tablet and conjure a streaming video at the touch of a finger, the pop-up book was a popular sensation, engaging the imagination in a way that flat images and text never could. By designing and building our own pop-ups, we’ll get to think a little bit about the know-how it took to bring these familiar childhood books into our homes and lives – and create something for your valentine, too!
We’ll have examples of a different ways of creating a pop-up image along with all the materials and decorating supplies you’ll need. Staff and volunteers will be available to help with designs and pop-up card making, and we’ll also have pre-made pop-ups that younger kids (or anyone so inclined!) can decorate.
Pop on by!