SciDive Grand Opening at the Science Mill

Help the Science Mill open a BIG present for its 5th anniversary: the grand opening of SciDive, a new 4D virtual reality experience that’s the only one of its kind in central Texas! Put on SciDive’s immersive VR headset and use your arms to control the full-body motion table; suddenly, you’re a sea turtle, exploring your coral reef home. See one-day only screenings of Our Blue Planet 3D and The Last Reef 3D, participate in ocean-themed science activities, and see special live presentations on the differences between sea turtles, turtles and the Science Mill’s African spurred tortoises. PLUS: Door prizes, a 15% discount at the Science Store and a gift with purchases over $40! Visit the Science Mill’s website for more information on how to reserve your spot for our new 4D experience.