Reason Amid Chaos: Sam Houston’s Lonely Effort to Stop the Civil War

Our Modern Times lecture series is back, but in a new, exciting, and COVID-19 safe way! We are moving Modern Times out onto our gorgeous front lawn and under an open tent! Plus, for the first time ever we are taking the show online. Now you can participate in the lecture even when you can’t be in Austin! So let’s step back in time for Season 15 of Modern Times, America at War: 1855-1865.
Sam Houston stood at the center of a boiling storm as the Civil War approached Texas. Both honored and vilified as the only Southern senator to oppose secession, then as Texas’ wily Governor trying to subvert the rush toward Civil War, Sam Houston’s lonely campaign to unite a fragmenting country on common ground holds eerie resonance in our own times. Come learn the story of how Sam Houston encouraged unity in the face of divisive times.
To ensure the safety of our guests, speakers, and staff, we request that all participate in safe social distancing and wear a mask at all times while on our site. The sides of the tent will be open to ensure airflow, and all chairs will be spaced apart for proper social distancing. Sanitation stations will also be available to all guests.
Jim Haley will be signing his books “Sam Houston” and “Captain Putnam for the Republic of Texas” before and after the event. Be sure to pre-order your book in our online store to pick it up at the event, or to have a copy signed and shipped to you after the event.