Hero Ready: 2019 UT Studio Art MFA Thesis Exhibition

Through a broad range of disciplinary practices, the artists in Hero Ready open up questions about analysis, subjectivity, agency and power. What constitutes an art object, and how do we make this distinction? How does art impact our thinking and why? How is our attention held when we look—by whom, and toward what?

Exhibiting Artists
Nima Bahremand 
Stephen-Bernard Derek Callender
Matthew Cronin
Sarah Fagan
Brooke Frank
Ariel René Jackson
Mark Kovitya
Ling-lin Ku
Renee Lai
Wyatt Ramsey
Shanie Tomassini 

Hero Ready presents the culminating work of students receiving master of fine arts degrees in Studio Art. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, May 10, 6–8 PM. The exhibition will be on view during normal gallery hours from May 10 – 26, 2019.