Hands on History

Come see and handle some of the most famous weapons in military history. The Texas Military Forces Museum will be opening it’s gun vault up for one night- July 3, 2021 from 6pm to 9 pm.
Climb inside a M4A3 Sherman tank, a German Hetzer, WWII and post war era jeeps, a Kiowa and Raven helicopter, US and German halftracks and M113 and more.
Weapons from the Civil War through the War on Terror will be available to touch and pick up. Including all the standard infantry weapons and anti tank weapons: items like the M1863 Springfield, Krag-Jorgenson, Japanese type 99, BAR, German MP 40, Russian AK-47’s,M1-D sniper rifle, and many, many more. Uniformed reenactors will also be available to discuss the history of each weapon.

The event will be FREE this year, however if you want to get in early, and skip the longer lines Early Bird admission between 5-6 pm is just $5 for anyone over 14, and $1 for those 5-13

Some equipment like the Sherman Tank and F84 require you to climb up a ladder and be able to fit inside.