ATX Laser

UMLAUF celebrates the intersection of art and science in the second ATX LASER (Austin – Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous). Welcoming innovators of all types: artists, scientists, curators, scholars, engineers, designers, and educators, to participate, ATX LASER provides an opportune environment for progressive thought leaders to form a community and explore the intersections of interdisciplinary thinking.

This session will feature four guest speakers: Hayley Gillespie, founder of Art.Science.Gallery; Joe Hanson, Ph.D. biologist and host/writer of PBS Digital Studios’ “It’s Okay To Be Smart;” Brian Newnan, photographer and 3-D printing artist; and Jill Fantauzza, assistant professor of communication design at Texas State University.

Following the speaker presentations, an open discussion will commence where participation is welcomed and encouraged from all attendees.

In partnership with the nonprofit Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST), ATX LASER was conceived by J.D. Talasek, UMLAUF scholar-in-residence.