April 14: Science Mill’s Explorer Zone

April 14: Science Mill’s Explorer Zone

How do scientists use art? How does math inspire artists? Find out as we explore two exhibits that combine art and math. On April 14, take an up-close look at the Wave Pendulum and the Wondergraph and learn to paint with pendulums and design geometric bubble wands! (We’ll also show off some of the awesome Rube Goldberg Machines that viewers constructed last week.) Each week features a new fun instructional video, step-by-step science activities, interactive games and STEM Career Connection resources and bonus videos. Join Tuesday on Facebook Live at 11am CT, and find new videos and all activity resources each week on the Science Mill website.



Contact: info@sciencemill.org

Event website: https://www.sciencemill.org/explorer-zone

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/154532539253217/