A Listening Session with Nikita Gale, Vanessa Gelvin, and Marina Peterson

Artist-in-residence Nikita Gale will facilitate a listening session with Associate Professor of Anthropology Marina Peterson and sound artist Vanessa Gelvin. Each participant will present audio pieces they have selected in response to themes in Gale’s installation at the Visual Arts Center.

Los Angeles-based artist Nikita Gale makes work that visually articulates the mechanics of sound and points to the intertwined histories of politics and “the crowd.” EASY LISTENING considers how the new or unfamiliar can quickly become normalized and mainstream, shedding potency or radicality along the way. Everyday materials, such as concrete or music categorized as “easy listening,” fade into the background, droning within the structures of contemporary life.


Free and open to the public.

For more information, call us at (512) 471-3713 or email us at info@utvac.org.