Texas Memorial Museum

Rooted in the resources and reputation of The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Memorial Museum works to create awareness, understanding and appreciation of the past, present and future of biological diversity, especially that of the state of Texas.

Texas Memorial Museum is open to the public for self-guided tours.  An audio tour is available via mobile phone or via podcasts that can be downloaded from the museum’s website.  Exhibits focus on fossils and prehistoric life; native Texas wildlife; gems, minerals and meteorites; and biological evolution.  Spotlighted in the exhibits are spectacular specimens found in Texas, including the largest flying creature ever found—the Texas Pterosaur, with a wingspan of nearly 40 feet–and a 30-foot mosasaur that swam the shallow sea that once covered most of the state.


2400 Trinity St. (map)


Monday–Thursday, 9AM – 5PM; Friday, 9AM – 4:45PM; Saturday, 10AM – 4:45PM; Sunday, 1–4:45PM; Closed Major Holidays


Free for all visitors through August 3, 2014. New admission fees effective August 4, 2014. See website for details.


(512) 471-1604