Texas Medical Association History of Medicine Gallery

The History of Medicine Gallery presents rotating exhibits about the history of medicine in Texas and the history of the Texas Medical Association, founded in Austin in 1853. These exhibits feature medical artifacts like early stethoscopes, scarifiers and lancets for bloodletting, and doctors’ medical bags. The permanent collection includes rare early anatomies by Vesalius, Bourgery, and Cloquet; local medical histories; and physician biographies. The archives contain TMA annual session proceedings (1869-present), more than 11,000 files about deceased Texas physicians, vintage photographs, Volumes 1-31 of Transcripts of Texas Medical History (a Joint Project of the TMA and The University of Texas Library Archives 1923-53), and other materials. Researchers and genealogists may schedule visits to the archives by calling 512-370-1552. Exhibit tours are available. Portable exhibits are available to libraries and museums on the history of the Texas Medical Association, Texas hospitals, Texas medical schools, women in Texas medicine, contributions of international medical graduates, responses to false tobacco advertising, and preventing disease through immunization.

The Current Exhibit:

Deep Roots: Botanical Medicine from Plants to Prescriptions traces the earliest known uses of plants to treat disease and promote health through to the development of modern drugs and pharmacology. Major themes of the exhibit include: the traditional use of botanicals for healing, the role of the herbalist across cultures, the scientific discipline of phytochemistry, the development of drugs from botanical extractions, and the contemporary state of herbalism, alternative medicine, and regulation of the supplement industry.


401 W. 15th Street (map)


M-F 8 AM - 5 PM