MathHappens is a new private non-profit founded in 2014.  We are hoping to help increase and enhance the presence of mathematics in public exhibits, events and installations.  We hope to partner with institutions whose visitors include families, individuals, school groups and tourists by providing support in the form of ideas, activities, displays or even staff that can help connect mathematics organically to the existing and planned exhibits.

A recent project is with the Harry S. Ransom Center.  We helped develop the math activities area and provided staff for the UT Open House and also for the Family Days for the ongoing Alice in Wonderland Exhibit.

MathHappens is founded and  by Philip and Lauren Siegel.  Philip is a managing partner at TritiumPartners, a growth equity fund in Austin, TX.   He is a professor at the Acton School of Business and earned his bachelors and MBA at University of Chicago.  Lauren is former head of Math at ACE Academy, a graduate of the UTeach teacher preparation program and holds a bachelors degree in Applied Mathematics from University of Chicago.