Art Galleries at Black Studies

AGBS (The Art Galleries at Black Studies at the University of Texas) is a platform from which to unpack timely social issues, through the arts. From exhibitions celebrating contemporary creative expression, to displays of archives and material culture, AGBS is the sole on-campus entity dedicated to showcasing narratives of Africa and the African Diaspora. Comprised of two galleries—The Christian-Green Gallery and the Idea Lab—AGBS spaces are premiere destinations for anyone who seeks to connect with narratives that affect us all.

The Narrative

As the denial of physical access to art became a challenge for art institutions around the world, AGBS held tight to its mission as we moved into uncharted territory. The strength of our mission, and our resolve to highlight creative expression of Black people from across the Diaspora, led us to The Narrative. Much like the art work we exhibit in the galleries, The Narrative is a platform where we combine the resources which inspire us to think, ask questions, and marvel at the world of Black material culture.


201 East 21st Street, Jester Center A232A (map)